Statement Habbo2020 – A letter to Sulake

Let op: Dit artikel is in het Engels geschreven om zo het bereik te vergroten. 

Hello Habbo,

With Habbo2020 coming very soon we would like to make a statement to show some changes that are planned that affect the players’ experience as well as the community in its entirety. A lot of those changes are not wanted by the players and negatively affect the way of playing Habbo.

In this statement we want to let Habbo (Sulake) know what we think of those changes and how they in our opinion will affect the game and its future. Which, maybe, will be a short future if all those changes are not rolled back and/or changed.

At first let’s talk about the change of the tax system. Taxes will be added to marketplace, donations, the vault, personal trades (not available from the start) and even on ducket items. We think this tax system is really bad. But why? Well, if the taxes like we currently have on market place (low amount) will be increased by a lot in 2020, it will have a negative impact on the Habbo trading we used to know until now.

Let’s further explain. If they add in those taxes it will cost you more to trade items than you get back from it, which means that you lose credits in the long-term instead of gaining those. In Habbo’s (Sulake’s) eyes it’s a good thing because this will generate more credit sales if you look at it from a sales point of view.

But did they thought about this? If the taxes increase on everything, they will gain more credit sales on paper. But the real effect would be more like the following. The players who spend a lot of money on Habbo right now to buy stuff like room bundles and rares will need to buy way more than they already do. They will quit the game if those taxes are too high. And if we look at the current beta they will. This means that those players will no longer put money in the game. And that will create a snowball effect. If less players are going to spend money because they’ll lose it on taxes, combined with a smaller player base, it will generate way less money in long-term.

So please keep those taxes away if you care about this game and his players, and don’t want it to die out in 2021.

Alright, with that said, lets hop into something else… private chatting. We, as a fan site, communicate a lot through private chatting with the local community manager of our Hotel to plan fan site events, Habbo events and also general things we notice inside the game etc. But we also communicate through group forums which is another thing that Habbo2020  won’t have, at least not from the start. We need this function from the start, not after a few months. Not only for us as fan site but also for all players. Without this communication option, the game would be boring because you can’t connect with friends that aren’t inside rooms. And we know it’s not hard to implement this option. This needs to be a priority in the game. Even if it’s added after a week after the beta release, or longer, it will affect the game. We won’t be able to organise events the way we used to until this chat option, as well as group forums, are available again. Which will lead to less activity inside Habbo and therefore less active players, people losing interest because there is nothing fun to do, etc.

This leads us to the private trading issue. Trading and trading rooms are one of Habbo’s biggest activities. The players enjoy trading furni, having trading rooms, making profit or just getting rid of their not used furni. It’s a bad thing that this will also not be available. You can trade or donate credits but it will cost you as example 3 credits to give someone 2 credits. This is just crazy. It ruins the trading experience. We think this will have so much impact on trading that it will be just something from the past.

We wonder at this point if Habbo (Sulake) even wants us to have fun anymore at this game we used to love. Let’s hope those things get rolled back and that they will finally listen to the community of players.

Kind regards,

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