Codes Campagne November 2020

Er zijn codes opgedoken voor de campagne van november! Het is nu nog wachten op de meubels, waar wij na het zien van deze codes erg benieuwd naar zijn geworden! Wat je onder andere kunt verwachten zie je hieronder. Wanneer de meubels geüpload zijn lees je dit natuurlijk op HabboFever!


NEW: Bank Bundle
Banks – useful for storing wealth. In Habbo AND in real life. Comes with an exclusive badge!

NEW: Pharmacy Bundle
Because what hospital is complete without a pharmacy? Exclusive badge included!


RARE Winter Bear Accessories!
Perfect for wrapping up warm this winter! (Includes a hat, chest and jacket slot item.) Rare and never to be sold again!

RARE Bear Backpack!
A backpack that vibrates with positive, wintery energy. Exclusive badge included, get one while you can!

RARE Cosy Hammock!
For relaxing outside in the winter. While wearing a coat, of course. Rare and never to be sold again!

RARE Ancient Oak Table!
Perfect for those bright, frosty afternoons spent with family and friends. Exclusive badge included, get one while you can!

Credit Meubi:

RARE Glittering Handbag Credit Furni!
Here’s a relevant phrase for you: all that glitters is not gold. (This furni is worth 350 credits. Rare and NEVER to be sold again!)


NEW: Plushie Crafting!
Click to get your very own Plushie Crafting Table and for information about how crafting works.

NEW: Plushie Crafting Boxes!
These boxes contain all the materials you need to craft one plushie and one random accessory. If you’re lucky, you might get the special rainbow coloured dye! The Plushie Crafting Table is available from the crafting section of the Catalogue and our recent article details the probabilities of getting each item.

NEW: Plushie Crafting Packs! (This is for users from .NL and .FR)
All the materials you need to craft the new plushies are found within these packs. Visit the crafting section of the Catalogue to get a Plushie Crafting Table.

Mysterieuze Meubi:

NEW: Mystery Furni!
Throughout this month, we’re releasing several ‘mystery’ items. They’ll be available from the Catalogue for longer than usual, and apart from one (a certain never-released-before parasol) they are NOT considered rare.

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